So it's 2017, which means the Orange Spirit of the Wind is now ten years into the existence. We are celebrating by touring the Mental Possession MMXVII, but also by recovering some old sounds to please your record playing habits.

During the last few years we have had many people asking from us about the availability of our earlier albums, the vinyl versions of both and also the debut cd being sold out for some time now. We have been promising a repress basically since 2011, when the vinyls first came out, and we are very happy to say this is finally being realized.

To us both Muukalainen puhuu and Kosmonument nowadays sound something like a different band, but they still embody many of our principal musical ideas in songs like Korppi or Kaaos hallitsee. A shorter chapter - but at least for us an important one - in our early evolution was the four song session we did for a split album with Tampere underground friends Candy Cane in 2010. These songs were going for a more metallic sound after the
trippier debut, and they would probably have fitted among Kosmonument cuts nicely. They are now reissued as a standalone 12” EP, remastered for a better sound quality.

And to keep our minds away from digging the old stuff only, we are also releasing a 10” vinyl EP containing two new songs. Although not “new” in every sense of the word - the first song ‘Kevät’ was recorded during Valonielu sessions in 2013, but left out from the album because it’s darker mood didn’t quite seem to fit in with the other songs’ more cosmic approach. The second, ‘Värimyrsky’, is also an older and more nihilistic one, that we have been playing with for a long time, and now finally decided to record it in our home cave with the help from our Brother-in-Wastement Jussi Saarivuori. The 10” EP was mixed and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano and will be available at the upcoming shows.

Turn off, tune out, dive in!

Oranssi Pazuzu


Those of you who have come to our recent shows might have noticed that our guitarist Moit is looking a lot more hairy than he used to. To be frank, that's actually IKON, our new guitar player, who has been summoning the cosmos with the six-string on our last couple of tours.

Moit wanted to concentrate on his personal life more, and decided to transform into an astral member of the group. We respect his decision, and hope that we will experience his precence again in some form some day in the future.

At the same time we are very excited about the new sounds that Ikon is bringing in as a full member of the band. It has been great jamming together with this true force of nature, and we hope we can get into writing some new material with the new lineup soon.

You can get a glimpse of his sonic destruction on this live video, shot on the Prague show of our last tour.

Welcome to the band, Ikon!

Video shot by Dufaq:

New Live Dates
We are also doing three performances in Scandinavia next month with our Wastement brothers Dark Buddha Rising. And this time we have Atomikylä on the bill as well. Straight after these dates Oranssi Pazuzu will do two more shows in Finland, which will be the last ones in these parts for a long time.


Magazine is premiering the first taster track from the new album "Värähtelijä". The song is titled "Hypnotisoitu viharukous". Listen here.

Värähtelijä 2LP/CD/digital will be released on February 26th.
Svart Records pre-order here. (International)
20 Buck Spin pre-order here. (US)
Also Record Shop X now has Värähtelijä available for pre-order, with a special T-shirt.

Check out the vinyl color options on the discography page.


Psyched about letting you know that we have recorded a new album called "Värähtelijä"! It will be out through Svart Records and 20 Buck Spin on the 26th of February. Below is the track list and some words on what to expect.

Värähtelijä 2LP / CD / Digital

1. Saturaatio
2. Lahja
3. Värähtelijä
4. Hypnotisoitu viharukous
5. Vasemman käden hierarkia
6. Havuluu
7. Valveavaruus

"Värähtelijä is continuing where we left off with Valonielu. But it plunges deeper into the pitch black hypnosis, combines progressive song structures to more free and flowing parts. At the same time, it’s the heaviest and the most atmospheric album we`ve done so far. The fusion between different ends of spectrum reveals new realities we`ve never discovered before. We really wanted this album to go to new places and to be the crossover album of genres we always wanted to do.

To further boost the idea, the album was done with Julius Mauranen who had previously done lots of Finnish shoegaze and indie pop albums. I think it’s safe to say that this is by far the heaviest stuff he has done and for us, working with a guy like him stretched our sound to way more dynamic and trippy horizons."



We are honoured to announce Oranssi Pazuzu's appearance at ROADBURN 2016 on April 14th. And even better, we are entering the festival with our friends from Dark Buddha Rising, MPH and Abyssion. Cheers to the Wastement Brotherhood!
Announcement: The Finnish Takeover

More updates coming soon...


CVLT NATION has uploaded a live video from the Athens show and an extensive tour article for your reading pleasure. You can find both HERE.

Video tracklist:
Kaaos hallitsee
Olen aukaissut uuden silmän

Ympyrä on viiva tomussa
Kerettiläinen vuohi

Cheers for the tour hang out, Spyros!

By the way, Oranssi Pazuzu is entering into recording space in a couple of weeks, to capture the fourth long play record. Eight songs of cosmic destruction and dark rituals in the works at the moment. Exciting times ahead!


Two shows left

Oranssi Pazuzu will play two last shows for some while at the beginning of May. The shows will take place in London and Athens, on May 9th & 10th. See you there!

After these, the Wind Demon will sink back into the dark corners of Wastement and continue scheming new sounds for the background of your psychedelic mind!

Mrcö Bookings IS NO MORE

Mrcö Bookings, the trusted booking agent for Oranssi Pazuzu shows in Finland, has ended it's existence in this dimension. So don't try to book Oranssi Pazuzu from Mrcö. He does not book. A hughe Thank You goes to MRCÖ for his infinite friendship and all the support to the band through the years! Thanks bro!!

Oranssi Pazuzu connected ATOMIKYLÄ debut cd & vinyl released

In case you're in need for some extra madness from the Wastement collective, here's a tip: Atomikylä debut album 'Erkale' is now available as a cd from Future Lunch and as a vinyl from Svart Records. Check!


THE ONLINE SHOP for Oranssi Pazuzu merch is now OPEN!


You can order Oranssi Pazuzu t-shirts and albums. More stuff coming in the future.

Payment with Pay pal.
Orders will be sent once in a week.

If you have questions, contact:

Thanks for supporting the band!


V A L O N I E L U  is out now!

It is available in Europe via Svart Records as a cd and a vinyl version (colour options: black, green). Also, The North American release is happening tomorrow via 20 Buck Spin. Hope you have good times with the album.

A couple of reviews:
Invisible Oranges
Cvlt Nation
New Noise Magazine
Metal Injection



Here you go.

Pre-listening of the new OP album 'Valonielu' is now available at Metal Hammer site.

The album will be released as cd and vinyl on Oct 11th by Svart Records and in North America on Oct 15th by 20 Buck Spin.

Have a nice trip.

Oranssi Pazuzu

Pre-order here:

Europe - Svart Records
North America - 20 Buck Spin



ORANSSI PAZUZU Finland Tour Dates 2013.

09.10.2013 Klubi, Tampere (w/ Damo Suzuki’s Network)
20.11.2013 Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu (w/ TBA)
21.11.2013 Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki (w/ Domovoyd)
22.11.2013 Svart Night, Bar Loose, Helsinki (w/ Ranger, Speedtrap)
23.11.2013 Nature Morte, Vastavirta-Klubi, Tampere (w/ Kuudes Silmä + 1)

News about shows outside Finland coming soon!


Listen 'Vino Verso (Askew Sprout)', a second sample from the upcoming Oranssi Pazuzu album at Earsplit Soundcloud.

Valonielu will be released Oct 11th in Europe and Oct 15th in North America.



The third Oranssi Pazuzu album, Valonielu, will be released in October 2013.

You can listen to a new song called Olen aukaissut uuden silmän from the forthcoming album at Pitchfork website.

Rest your eyes on the album artwork by the amazing Costin Chioreanu:

Valonielu tracklist:

1. Vino verso (Askew Sprout)
2. Tyhjä temppeli (The Empty Temple)
3. Uraanisula (Molten Uranium)
4. Reikä maisemassa (A Hole In The Landscape)
5. Olen aukaissut uuden silmän (I Have Opened A New Eye)
6. Ympyrä on viiva tomussa (A Circle Is A Line In The Dust)

More updates coming soon, including news on the upcoming tour among others. Valonielu will be released on Gatefold LP/Digipack CD/Digital through Svart Records (Europe) and 20 Buck Spin (Northern America).



"Finnish Cosmic Black Metal Experimentalists Oranssi Pazuzu to Release New LP via Svart Records & 20 Buck Spin

"Svart Records & 20 Buck Spin today announce the joint release of “Valonielu”, the stunningly original new LP from Finland’s Oranssi Pazuzu. A known entity to the most attentive and adventurous of black metal fans, with “Valonielu” Oranssi Pazuzu offers a vibrant, colorful cataclysm of Psych, Space Rock and Black Metal that cannot be easily categorized as any one particular genre or any single influence. At once celestial and boundless yet malevolently grim and harsh, “Valonielu” is certain to elevate Oranssi Pazuzu to new levels of importance within the modern music scene.

"Oranssi Pazuzu’s previous album “Kosmonument” was received with great critical acclaim as a brilliant album by a band developing into something all their own. On “Valonielu” the band has sharpened their songcraft into a more succinct and salient statement, formidably invoking 90s era Darkthrone, yet boldly reaching farther out into the multiverse of the Psych and ExperiMental side they have always inhabited. From the beginning chainsaw riff of album opener “Vino Verso” (“Askew Sprout”) to the climactic, world downfall of final track “Ympyra On Viiva Tomussa” (“A Circle Is A Line In The Dust”), O.P. masterfully establish a cosmology all their own.

"Having found a new home on Svart Records in Europe and 20 Buck Spin in North America, Oranssi Pazuzu breathe ascendent new life into an often stagnant present day Black Metal scene. The album will be released on both the LP & CD formats, by both labels, with release dates of October 11th in Europe and October 15th in North America respectively.  Live show announcements and more album news will follow in the coming weeks and months."

Oranssi Pazuzu:,

Svart Records:

20 Buck Spin:

European Publicity: Nathan Birk,

North American Publicity: Dave Brenner, Earsplit PR,,


After a long silence, we finally have good news: Oranssi Pazuzu's third album is ready and set for the release. More info coming up very soon...


Hello. Some news. Oranssi Pazuzu now has a new manager, Nikos Giagoudakis ( ). From now on, he will be in control of all things concerning Oranssi Pazuzu, from general management to show bookings, press, etc. The shows in Finland, however, continue to be booked by Mrco Bookings ( ). Thnks.


Oranssi Pazuzu just got back from Austria & Romania. Huge thanks to the oraganizers of Sauzipf Rocks & Dark Bombastic Evening, it was an amazing trip! This confusingly coloured wind demon is now preparing to nest and breed in it's brand new home cave. Hoping to hatch some ominously glowing eggs during the fall!

Some fragments of information:

The CCOP-split vinyl release is out there, finally. We hope the wait was worth it.

Also, Oranssi Pazuzu is not working with Spinefarm Records anymore. This resulted from the changes in Spinefarm organization. We thank Teemu Suominen & co for doing a good job with the release of "Kosmonument". So Oranssi Pazuzu is now looking for a new label to release our next album. No worries though, we have a couple of very interesting offers already. Just know that if you own a label & think we could do some quality recordings together, feel free to drop us a line.


 The Witching Hour Productions has had technical problems with the vinyl pressing and the release date has been delayed. Again. They are currently working on the corrected pressing, however, and the record label quarantees that the orders will be sent forward on June 7th latest. The label says they are very sorry about the delay. They promise to compensate with a special gift.


All Oranssi Pazuzu shows are from now on booked by
Mrcö Bookings
( ).

This new one-man agency is run by our trusted booking agent Marko Neuman, and every Oranssi Pazuzu show booked by the old Rabbit Ilsn agency is still booked; only the company name and address are different.


Moit is not playing on this year's remaining shows. He will be replaced on deep space guitar by a visitor Ikon.


The virtual home cave of Oranssi Pazuzu is now open. Welcome.


Kosmonument, the new album from Oranssi Pazuzu is out now. Cd and digital formats released by Spinefarm, 2LP version released by Blackspin Music. You can order the album here.